New Fairy Type in Pokemon X and Y

New Fairy Type in Pokemon X and Y

 The Fairy-Type, is the confirmed 18th Pokemon Typing, introduced in Pokemon X and Y

Its Weaknesses and StrengthsEdit

The Following is confirmed about the Fairy-Type's weaknesses and strengths:

Fairy against Dragon: 2x Effective

Fairy <------> Dark: 1x Effective

Fairy <-------> Flying: 1x Effective

Fairy-Type PokemonEdit

These are the confirmed Fairy-Type Pokemon:

1.Sylveon (Fairy)

2.Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)

3.Marill (Water/Fairy)

4.Jigglypuff (Normal/Fairy)

5.Furabebe (Fairy)

6.Xearnes (Fairy)

Spectulated Pokemon to be Fairy-Types:

1.Clefairy (and Evolutions)

2.Togepi (and Evolutions)


Fairy-Type MovesEdit

1.Moonburst The user uses the moon to attack the foe.May lower Attack.

2.Fairy Wind The user uses wind to attack the foe.

Spectulated Moves to be Fairy-TypeEdit

1. Wish

2. Healing Wish