The confirmed Fairy-type== The Fairy-type is a new addition to Pokemon typing; it is the newest, 18th type, and the first addition to a new type since Gold/Silver/Crystal.

The confirmationEdit

The new typing was announced and confirmed on an airing of Pokemon Smash (June 11th), where they debuted a trailer about new mechanics, including Horde Encounters, Sky Battles, and Pokemon-amie. The trailer was shown that four Pokemon, just to name a few, were getting the type change to Fairy-type, including Gardevoir and Jigglypuff.

Effectiveness in BattleEdit

With this new typing, it was also announced that it is now strong against Dragon-types, which could mean a jumble of metagames for competitive battlers; also, two new moves were announced that were Fairy-type, Moonblast (may lower the Special Attack of an opponent), and Fairy Wind (normal hit).